Playing card art. These are based on the standard 54 card pack (including 2 jokers)


Inspired by the Viennese Planar Art style of husband and wife graphic artists Kolo and Ditha Moser, as well as their other colleagues in the Wiener Werkst├Ątte. The deck features playing card forms rendered in blocked linear areas, with curves rarely present. Available at my ETSY STORE.


The designs for this deck were an offshoot of the drawing process for the Tarot Huramentado, with quirky figures an fun and light patterns. The deck features really tall cards inspired by ancient East Asian playing cards.


This is an old, old series. I created the original designs when I was still new to digital art and was experimenting a lot with colouring styles and techniques. I've postponed revamping this deck a number of times for various reasons - I couldn't really find a good playing card printer and logistics back then were such a hassle (but now there's The Game Crafter!), I wasn't too confident with my drawing skills especially in executing figures for such a decadent looking deck (I am more confident with my drawing skills now). I'm planning on resuming creating this project maybe within the next two years.


I have always wanted to do a Filipiniana playing card deck. Barrio is the Filipino term for village, from Spanish. It's a term that's more in use nowadays, supplanting barrio. The deck's figures features Filipino costuming as well as lace-inspired art. I have finished the line art of the deck but every attempt at colouring it in in the past left me dissatisfied (I didn't like the end results). I hope to finally publish this deck within the year.


  1. The latter two are wonderful... the only reason I can't comment on the first is I think I'd like to see more images. It's humorous though. Anyway, I'd definitely go for the second and third designs when they come up.

  2. The Filipiniana deck is my favorite. I hope that it will be available. I know this is an old post but I discovered your artwork from a perfumery site. I am a big fan.