Tiny Tots Tarot

I started this deck at about the time I began making mini decks and giving them away as freebies to go along with my limited edition majors-only decks. There used to be big areas in the cards' uncut sheets, and instead of throwing these away, I placed mini deck designs on them to both not let these areas go to waste and also to give more to those who buy my stuff. It also meant a lot more work for me since these tiny decks were hell to cut haha But at least my buyers end up happy. J Anyway, this was supposed to be one of those freebie mini decks, but I never got around to finishing it. It was one of many decks I was working on when that big flood hit back in '09. I was able to recover much of my drawn line art (thankfully, I was already using waterproof/resist ink back then), but I had to put these decks aside for the meantime (to be picked up and continued later on) as they reminded me of the losses from the flood, so I began to work on other new decks. Having seen the samples above again after all these years has made me want to finish this deck. While I like their original dimensions and size, I may have to redraw them and change their dimensions so they could fit in the dimensions of one of The Game Crafter's mini card sizes.


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