The Discorporae Tarot

This is one of my come-back decks. Supposedly. I left the tarot scene (and art scene in general) back in ’11 due to a number of related and unrelated events. I ended up missing tarot and my art in general so much during those years that I decided to try making art again. This is one of the results. The deck’s look is the result of several style influences: Art Nouveau, Art Deco, the Arts and Crafts Era, etc. It even includes hints of Second Empire! The deck’s style is the second progression of a style I began developing in Tarot Bagong Sining and which I elaborated upon with Sining ng Zodiac (unpublished), which makes use of discorporative elements – figures appearing and disappearing from other figures.

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  1. I love this deck along with the Masque and Shards of Light. They are so complex and colorful. Please work through finishing them so you can allow us to purchase them. But until then thanks for the preview.