The Discorporae Tarot

The Discorporae Tarot is a deck project that draws inspiration from various influences on the artist's life, rendered in a "discorporating style" the artist has developed specifically for the deck, where figures and objects are laid out in such a way that they disappear and reappear in various planes in the art, much like how Cubists portrays reality by distorting it and breaking it into several visual planes.

In terms of visuals, the deck's look is the result of a combination of several different art movements and influences: Art Deco, The Arts and Crafts Movement, Art Nouveau, and even has hints of Second Empire. It also is inspired by Fin-de-Siecle era (turn of the century, late 1800s to early 1900s) children's books illustrations, which had lavish decorative details.

Symbolically, the cards feature a light mix of standard RWS and Thoth and Golden Dawn symbols, but also have ones which are more personal to the artist.

The deck is planned to be launched in Kickstarter hopefully in the middle of 2021.

Below are some sample images from the deck, and beneath those, a sample card of the "old color system" the deck had before it was revamped.


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  1. I love this deck along with the Masque and Shards of Light. They are so complex and colorful. Please work through finishing them so you can allow us to purchase them. But until then thanks for the preview.