Tarot WW

The WW in the title refers to Wiener Werkstätte, an art group/community in Vienna during the early 1900s. I have always wanted to learn more about this community, as I found the few images of their works which I have seen to be very intriguing. I liked the "decorativeness" of their designs, the strong presence of printed patterns, etc. I chanced upon a book on the Wiener Werkstätte, bought it, and was inspired by the imagery, hence I began this deck. One of the Wiener Werkstätte's influences was Charles Rennie Mackintosh and you can see how they incorporated Mackintosh's strong emphasis on linear forms and juxtaposed this with printed pattern and curvilinear forms. I have partially finished the line art of the deck. Unfortunately, my "inspiration book" for the deck got lost in a big flood we had back in 09. I tried looking for other copies, but even used ones in Amazon cost over $50 (I bought my original one for under $7!), so this is one of those projects which are in the middle priority list - that is, I do plan on finishing this deck, but not in the next few months (though thankfully, the internet has expanded so much that nowadays, it's so much easier to search for artworks of historical artists and art movements online for inspiration).

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  1. Hi Lynyrd, this is gooooorgious, I'll keep myself posted and contribute when the deck finishes. I'll also be glad to share the deck in every tarot community on earth <3 Truly stylish and so inspirational with this art deco ambience..... All the best form Copenhagen, Denmark, Louise Holt