Tarot Rikit

The cards have dimensions larger than the standard tarot deck’s. The images of this deck as well as the Tarot Rikit’s, its sister deck, were inspired by the many cultures of Asia, and were executed through a conceptualization process I conceitedly call Cultural Collaging (haha). While the Tarot of the Curious East draws inspiration from the whole of Asia, I decided to narrow down the scope for this deck, hence its visuals draw inspiration from the various cultures of the Southeast Asian region (which contain Austronesian, Indian, Chinese, and even Moslem influences, with strong Indo-Malay-filipino visual foundations). The deck features patterns upon patterns in a slightly muted palate, with minimal lighting contrasts. The cards were cut so as to have no borders around the images. Rikit is the Tagalog word for “pretty”.

Given its very limited edition release, the deck is now out-of-print.  For interested parties, I recommend that you check with online auction sites such as Ebay or inquire with specialist tarot stores such as Tarot Garden (link) for possible available copies.

Deck Details
2010. Majors-only. Limited edition (50 copies, signed and numbered). Comes in a handmade hemp mesh, ribbon-tied purse.


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