Tarot of PsyChicks

The cards are extremely small and narrow. I chose a cartoony art style for this deck, which hopefully brings dolls to mind. It’s a bit like the Vanessa Tarot, but hopefully looks very much different from it. Anyway, I incorporated the symbolisms and themes of the tarot’s archetypes into each figure, and hopefully it shows. The cards have no titles on them, and instead have numbers (in place of numerals) to indicate which of the tarot’s images they represent.

Some copies of the deck were originally given as freebies to the Tarot Rikit.

Given its very limited edition release, the deck is now out-of-print.  For interested parties, I recommended that you to check with online auction sites such as Ebay or inquire with specialist tarot stores such as Tarot Garden (link) for possible available copies.

Deck Details
2010. Majors-only. Limited edition (45 copies, signed and numbered). Mini deck. Comes in a handmade mini paper envelope.

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