Tarot of the Curious East

This deck began as a series of artworks (non-tarot) inspired by the wonderful collaged works of Nick Bantock (see sample below).  It was during a phase in my life when I was trying out different art styles and discovering and developing new ones (then again, all these are still currently happening, so hmmm...) The style of the imagery has evolved over the years – the collaged aspect has shifted from its original visual objective (the final output looking like a collaged work) to a more conceptual objective (the concepts behind the art being “collaged” from different sources). This deck along with its sister deck, the Tarot Rikit, is the result of a conceptualization process which I sometime take, something I conceitedly call Cultural Collaging (hah!). I used a lot of visual and conceptual elements from various cultures across all of Asia and merged these together into a visually coherent work which more or less relates to each of the tarot’s archetype. A unique feature of the deck is its landscape format – a very rare occurrence in tarot art. I set the final works into four panels, meant to evoke the look of folding screens in East Asia.

They were originally sold via Tarot Garden, but are now out-of-print. For interested parties, I recommended that you inquire with Tarot Garden (link) for possible available copies.

Images from the original "Curious East" series.

Deck Details
2010. Majors-only. Limited edition (50 copies, signed and numbered). Comes in a handmade hemp mesh, ribbon-tied purse.


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