Tarot of Achromatic Impressions

This still-ongoing project is a collaboration between me and another artist. He’s a good friend of mine, and we have both been (inactive) members of a local children’s books illustrators’ group for some years. The deck’s unconventional imagery depicts the tarot’s major arcana images (and damn my autocorrect for always putting in “arcane”!) in a sensual light made more stark because of the monochromatic colour scheme.


  1. I will take up your suggestion of emailing your co-artist. These are awe-striking and beautiful images. If only this could materialise as even a set of Majors....

    1. I hope he does reconsider. This is such a beautiful project. We have talked about it, and he'd like to try another collaboration between us, and if this second collaboration works out okay, then maybe he'll be much more motivated to finish our earlier collaboration (the Achromatic).

    2. It's hard to believe he wouldn't want to finish it. It's supremely beautiful. I suppose there's no chance of releasing what's already done, incomplete as it may be?