Tarot Gascot

I have developed a number of colouring styles/looks over the years, and this deck features one of them. I think I began using this style back in ’06 or ’07. The style features heavy use of hatching, and overlaid with more web-like linear forms. I also used hatching in reverse to highlight the “scratchy” look of the art (hatching is normally added to art to simulate shaded areas, I instead used white hatching to highlight lit areas). The artistic style of the line art is a bit inspired by the Steampunk movement.

Gascot is not a name derived from any Western language. Rather, it is a portmanteau (which I have a fondness for creating) of the Tagalog (Filipino) words gasgas (to get scratched, passive voice) and kutkot (to scratch or etch, active voice). Kutkot (kut-kut) is also the name of an ancient, pre-colonial Filipino art which incorporates both sgraffito and encaustic techniquies .


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