The name FESCRAU is a combination of the roots fest and scraule (from which the words fast and scrawl descended, respectively). The deck is basically quick sketches/doodles of the tarot’s imagery – an art exercise in (temporal) brevity, using a Pilot sign pen. It was inspired by the wonderful quick sketches Robyn Tisch Hollister did for her Minute Tarot as well as the almost abstract ink strokes in David’s Tarot. These quick sketches were created some time between ’08 and ’09. The entire major arcane and around half of the minor arcane have been finished. The originals, however were subject to a massive flood during ’09, but these were salvaged, albeit in a blotty condition. However, much of the forms and original intent can still be gleaned off the damaged art, so I plan to redraw these and hopefully re-master the style enough to extrapolate imagery for the cards which I wasn’t able to draw the first time around.


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