Tarot Eventide

The deck follows the standard Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) imagery. This began as an art experiment of sorts. I wanted to try colouring using a dark-to-light method. Most people generally start off with a white ground/canvas/paper and then add colour and shading to it. Working dark-to-light reverses this process with me starting with a black ground, adding colours and adding “light” to it, with the parts of the ground left exposed representing the shading of the image. I’ve seen works done in this method, and they had this incredibly luminous feel to them, and I want to achieve a similar look for this series. It’s also an exercise for my chiaroscuro and tenebrism.


  1. Superb. Can I presume you intend publishing these (as they're under "up and coming")?

    1. Yes! The current deck I'm working on is the Marcelo Inciso. After that's done, I'm planning to continue this deck as well as the others in the Upcoming section. I've also recently found the brush I used for the Eventide in my backup files, so maybe that's a sign that I should work on the Eventide next! :)

  2. This is brilliant. I love the way the black borders offset the colours.