Tarot Bagong Sining

The title is a literal translation of the words “Art Nouveau” in Filipino. The images were inspired by the vegetative, flowing, curvilinear forms of Art Nouveau. I developed this particular style of Art Nouveau for this series, one feature of which is the use of discorporation. A peculiarity of the deck is that all the human figures in the cards have closed eyes. This deck is also unique in that it is essentially a double majors-only deck – each of the traditional major arcana card is split into two halves: male and female. Hence, there is a male High Priestess card and a female High Priestess card, and so on. (As an aside, the term double major makes me recall my university days, as back then it was a bit popular to get a double major – to major in two disciplines)

Given its very limited edition release, the deck is now out-of-print.  For interested parties, I recommend that you check with online auction sites such as Ebay or inquire with specialist tarot stores such as Tarot Garden (link) for possible available copies.

Deck Details
2010. (Double) Majors-only. Limited edition (45 copies, signed and numbered). Comes in a handmade hardcover ribbon-tied book box.


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