Tarot 2-12-1-3-11

The cards are small, around half the size of normal tarot cards. In terms of imagery, the cards’ draw theirs from the standard Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) deck, but with certain artistic, if idiosyncratic, liberties taken. I decided to make the figures are featureless, with human forms having black skin while angelic beings have white (and the devil having red). I wanted it to look a bit like Matisse paper cut-outs glued together to make collages which represent scenes from the RWS deck. As for the deck’s colours, I chose ones which suggest a retro-vintage feel, since I thought more muted colours would go well with the “muted” figures in the cards.

They were originally sold via Tarot Garden, but are now out-of-print. For interested parties, I recommended that you inquire with
 Tarot Garden (link) for possible available copies.

Deck Details
2010. Majors-only. Limited edition (50 copies, signed and numbered). Mini deck. Comes in a handmade mini paper envelope.


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