Tarocchi di Marcelo Inciso

I was playing around with the images of the Tarot de Maria Celia, testing for a couple of final looks for the image, when one of the results ended up as something which could work for a new deck: something faux engraved, something which I call a fauxsimile (I swear my humour will one day kill me). The goal is to make images which look like old rustic woodcuts, rough engravings, and even grave rubbings printed on aged parchment. Inciso is engraved in Italian. It also sounds a bit like my surname.

The deck is available via The Game Crafteroxed Edition (link).

The deck is also available in digital form via Phuture (link).

Deck Details
2014. Majors-only. Full 78-card deck. Non-scenic pips. Available via The Game Crafter.

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