Moody Lane Tarot

The cards are slightly smaller and narrower than the average tarot deck. The deck is my humorous homage to the art of the now little-known Early Modern artist, Amedeo Modigliani. The cards closely follow the distinct visual forms of Modigliani’s paintings – his distinct deliberate figural distortions, and translate the tarot’s archetypes into Early Modern scenes, with some drawing parts of the imagery from Modigliani’s works (for example, the figure in the Death card is inspired by his Portrait-of-Maude-Abrantes).

The first edition was printed with a limited edition run of only 120 copies. It was never meant to be reprinted. However, only 36 copies of these were released and sold and the rest got destroyed in a flood. To address the issue of the destroyed copies, I had a second edition printed in 2014, with a limited run of only 80 copies.

Copies of the second edition of the deck are still available for sale. You may send your inquiries to this e-mail address (link).

Deck Details
2008 & 2014 (see description below). Majors-only. Limited edition (120 & 80 copies, signed and numbered – see description below). Comes in a handmade hcardover, yarn-tied two-piece lidded box.


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