les Adorables Tarot

 I made the cards tall and narrow – inspired by old Chinese playing cards. This was created at about the same time as the Tarot of the Lepidopteran People, which also has slightly narrow cards. I chose to use a cartoony style for this deck, since I felt that it would be more suited for the theme, which is children at play. The scenes nonetheless still  adhere to the Rider-Waite-Smith’s meanings and blockings.  A peculiarity of the layout of the deck is the mound at the back of each scene, which does not change its position. The deck has a Happy Squirrel Card – the first Happy Squirrel card I made (the Happy Squirrel card is an inside joke within the tarot circle, which was popularized by the Simpsons  television series).

Copies of the deck are still available for sale. You may send your inquiries to this e-mail address (link).

Deck Details
2005. Majors-only. Limited edition (200 copies, unsigned and unnumbered). With Happy Squirrel card. Comes in a red “ang pao” “aguinaldo” envelope.


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