el Tarot de Marcelino

The deck is inspired by the Marseilles tradition of tarot, an old historical tradition with austere figures and non-illustrated pips. I drew the figures in a “cutesy” manner, with mismatching eyes, and with heavy hatching intended to be an homage to medieval woodcuts. The title is a pun on both the name “Marseilles”, and the title “Marcelino, Pan y Vino”. The cards were printed using a burgundy tinted ink, in heavy craft board – my intent was for the cards to have a rustic look and feel.

Given its very limited edition release, the deck is now out-of-print.  For interested parties, I recommend that you check with online auction sites such as Ebay or inquire with specialist tarot stores such as Tarot Garden (link) for possible available copies.

Deck Details
2009. Full 78-card deck. Non-scenic pips. Limited edition (70 copies, signed and numbered). With Happy Squirrel card. Comes in a handmade hardcover clamshell box.


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